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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Hello World

Hey everyone, I am new to this whole blog bare with me. I am a freshman at UNT and I am not sure what I want to major in yet. I love theater, and was in various musicals and plays. I was an officer for the Thespian Troupe at my school which is an international theater club. I also love to dance and was on my high school dance team, the celebrities. I will never get tired of going to the lake, whether it’s just swimming in it, or wake boarding, it never gets old. Lake Travis is the lake next to my home, so that’s
Where I spent most of my time. TbarM is my favorite place on earth. It is a Christian summer camp I go to every year. I hope to be a consular there this summer! So most of you probably wouldn’t like the music i listen too, i like a lot of alternative folk music, which js my austin side coming out. My favorite color is blue. I have two younger sisters who i love to death and couldn’t imagine my life without and thats pretty much it. LLife isn’t easy, but I am just living life to the fullest!