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Family Work Tree


Road Trip Nation Ideas

I am not exactly sure who I want to interview for this project, but I do have some ideas. I would absolutely love to be a youth pastor at a church and I have always wondered what they get paid, hearing its not a lot. I want to know what their job is like day to day and what their job entails. Leading and teaching teens about Christ and helping them through their struggles is a passion of mine, as weird as that sounds. I would also love to interview a teacher, to know again how much they get paid and what its like to teach kids. I want to know what they get out of it, and what they learn. I want to understand their mentality and why they chose this profession. Teaching young kids has been something that has always intrigued me and is definitely a passion of mine. I am also interested in acting. It would be amazing to interview a famous actress, on TV which is more what I want to do or on Broadway. I know that none of these jobs get paid very much, or they require you to take a chance at making it to get paid, but I know that as long as I am doing something that I love and enjoy, the rest will all fall into place. I have not thought of any specific person in the DFW area yet, but I do know that the Village Church has an amazing youth program and I am sure the youth pastor would be an amazing person to interview. Teachers, I am sure there are plenty of Elementary schools filled with teachers for me to interview in the area. Actress’s probably not too many, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Hopefully I can narrow it down to one specific career soon, but for now it looks like I am leaning towards a youth pastor.

Journalism Book Proposal (extra credit)

My favorite book is “Divine” by Karen Kingsbury, which is the story of Mary Magdalene in modern day. I want to write a book similar to this, one that is based off of a bible characters’ life but put into modern day. My book will be as moving and as powerful as “Divine,” and will help people connect and understand. I have chosen to use Eve, the first women on earth and in the bible. I want to bring her life into our world today to help others understand what it was like for Eve, what temptation truly does and can do and what her sin looks like in modern terms. The title of my book will be called “Temptation,” as Eves encounter with temptation is what brought sin upon this world. My book will have competition with Divine, but “Temptation” will be easier to understand and to relate to because it is a story that most everyone knows form the bible, and it is a subject (sin/temptation) that everyone can relate to. Divine is harder to relate to because there are specific events that make Mary Magdalene the women she is in the end of the book. My target audience will be that similar to Divine’s, anywhere from high school students to adults. I will target not only Christians, but those who are not, and who are unsure and don’t understand sin or God. This book will probably be more for girls than for boys as it is written from a girls’ prospective and is not an action or thriller book which boys read these days.

Temptation will be about Adam and Eve, Adam and Ella to make it more modern. Ella is this perfect girl with pure innocence in her eyes that Adam is drawn to. Ella and Adam are faced with temptation as they become closer and closer, and will eventually commit a sin that will affect the rest of their lives forever. They will be punished, but will learn the true meaning of sin and understand what it can do to us. I am qualified to write this book because I have read this story in the bible and have studied it many times in bible study. I have written numerous papers and have analyzed many stories to relate them to modern day, and to my life.



Chapter1- Part of Me

Adam was an only child. He was very close to his family, moving in with them after college, to spend more time with them. He got everything he wanted, but was still humble and gracious through it. Adam wasn’t looking for love, in fact he was perfectly satisfied with his life, he had a wonderful family whom he loved very much, and friends who would take a bullet for him. He had never thought about a wife, or even the possibility of love. Sunday was church day and there was nothing that could keep them from going, it was expected.

One Sunday morning Adam walked into church like usual, greeted his friends hugging them and hi-fiving them. It was a normal day, nothing out of the ordinary, until Ella Gordon walked into church. Adam had never seen Ella before, he had never even heard of her, which was rare living in a small town where everyone knew everyone. Ella was beautiful and caught Adams attention. Ella was so much more than a beautiful girl to Adam, he felt as though she was part of him that they were meant to be together. He watched as Ella walked into church with her father as she went to sit in the very back row. Adam watched Ella throughout the service, trying hard to focus on the sermon that was being given. Ella was listening intently to the sermon about sin, and how God wants us to learn from our sin and to try to live a life free from as much sin as possible. Adam couldn’t fathom Ella’s imperfections he couldn’t imagine her committing sin, as her eyes were full of innocence.

As the service came to a close he knew he had to meet Ella he couldn’t bare to think of her completely walking out of his life or out of the room. The service came to a close and Adam glanced back to race to the back to meet Ella, but she had already left and Adam had this pain in his heart like he would never see her again. He longed for next Sunday to come around so he could see Ella again. He hoped she would be there, and couldn’t stop thinking about her all week. His family could tell he was distant whenever they talked to him he would gaze off into the distance and was dumbfounded as to what was wrong with him. The only thing that made him even remotely focused was talking about the next time they would go to church because he knew he wanted to see Ella again.



  • Chapter 1- Part of Me
  • Chapter 2- Ella
  • Chapter 3- Get to Know Me
  • Chapter 4- Inseparable
  • Chapter 5- Innocence
  • Chapter 6- Life is Good
  • Chapter 7- Nothing Can Touch Us
  • Chapter 8- Temptation
  • Chapter 9- Face to Face with Sin
  • Chapter 10- Sin
  • Chapter 11- Punishment
  • Chapter 12- Redemption
  • Chapter 13- Forgiveness
  • Chapter 14- The Beauty of Life
  • Chapter 15- The Meaning of Sin
  • Chapter 16- Eternity


Bucket List

1.Finding a major: So that I can know what I am going to do with the rest of my life. Learn how to make important reasonable decisions.

2.Graduating College: To get a degree in something I care about so I am equipped for the job I want in life.

3. Getting a 4.0/getting all A’s before I graduate: To better myself and know my potential. I will learn how to manage my time.

4. Skydive: To take a risk, to feel what its like to fly…or free fall.

5. To go on a mission trip to Africa: To help change the world. To better myself and to have that feeling of knowing you did something to better someones life in your heart.

6.To lead people to Christ: To know I am bettering someones life and helping them find hope and a future.
To learn how to truly minister to someone.

7.  To make life-long friends: To have people I can confide and trust in. To have someone who I know I can count on always besides my family.

8. To have a dog: So I can learn what true responsibility is before I have children of my own.

9. To lose 10lbs: So I can stay healthy and in shape. To learn how to self-discipline myself.

10. To learn how to play guitar: To discipline myself and commit to something and finish. To be able to write music.


Time Management


1.)My pie looks very scrumptious and very colorful!

33% of my time is spent sleeping, which sometimes tends to vary day to day.

16.6% of my time is spent eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks every once in a while.

8.3% of my time is spent taking care of my dorm, taking out the trash, doing laundry, dishes and various other things.
1.7% of my time is spent doing scheduled activities such as going to church, doing sorority things and planned events.
8.3% of my time is getting ready for the day, getting dressed, brushing my teeth, fixing my hair and doing my makeup.

5.9% is spent traveling on weekdays, going out to eat, going to class and various other random things.

5.3% of my time is spent traveling on weekends, going home, going to the lake or going shopping.

4.7% of my time is spent socializing, hanging out with my friends, and meeting new people.

8.9% of my time is spent in class each week.

6.5% of my time is my free time to do whatever I want.

2.)The most amount of my time is spent sleeping (33%) and the least amount of time is spent on scheduled activities (1.7%). I would say it is pretty balanced, I need my sleep in order to function on a day to day basis and my scheduled activities are minimal.

3.)Meals and snack take up a lot of time, I need to eat well in order to function well but I could limit my snacks to make more free time or more time to spend on scheduled activities.

4.)I need to limit my weekday travel and my meals and snack time to make more free time so I have time to study and do homework in my free time and time to rest so I am not burnt out and I get my studies in. I can also have a snack while I do my homework or while I am resting so I can multitask

Its Not Easy

Live your life to the fullest, don’t live your life with closed doors and regrets…instead put yourself out there, don’t hold back and you will go so much farther than you ever thought possible. I am not saying its going to be easy, an easy life was never promised, but purpose in your life was. Don’t be afraid of the world, let the world be afraid of you.

The Peanut Butter to my Jelly

This is not only my best friend but my other half. I can come to her for anything, a good laugh, someone to hold me and wipe away the tears I cry, someone to obsess over pretty little liars and someone I share the same passion for Christ with. There is never a moment that goes by that I don’t thank God for putting the amazing lady in my life 15 years ago. God is so good and I love every single memory I have had and will continue to have with this sweet beautiful  girl. I love you baby sister!Image