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Elevator Speech

I hate this!!


Learning Series 101 Test Taking Stratagies

I went to the Test taking tips session at the learning center and learned a lot. It was very helpful, to hear all the different ways you can succeed in studying for a test. She went over the different ways to study for different learning styles. I am a kinesthetic learner and she said that flashcards would be the best use of my time because I am flipping the card which is a motion and will help my muscle memory will help me remember them. She said that it is a good idea to read over your notes every day after class or listen to the lectures if you recorded them so that some of it you will remember through memory and remembering things you read or things you heard. She said that if you get your test back and you don’t understand something you should go to the professor and ask them what went wrong and what they were looking for to help you for the next test. Some of the things she told us we had already been over in class, but were helpful to hear again to stress the importance. Over all the lesson did help a lot and I will definitely be using her tips to study, making flash cards and reviewing my notes everyday. I really would like to try other sessions as well, to find out the best way to take notes so that when I am studying I have good notes to look back on.


In class when we guessed our Strong scores, I was right on. I knew for a fact I was social, always wanting to do team work, caring for people and wanting to serve others. I also knew I was artistic because I love theater and dace which is self-expression, performing and originality. When I got my scores it was no surprise that I was exactly right. I thought that I was a realist, because I like using my hands and thinking things out sometimes. Realistic was the next highest after social and artistic, but there was a drastic difference in social and artistic both scoring from 49-50 and then realistic at 35. My top 5 interest areas are religion and spirituality, teaching and education, performing arts, counseling and helping, and healthcare and services. I could have told you all of these were my interests without even taking the test as these variety of interests has made it hard to chose a major.

From the results of the strong, it said that my top strong occupations are speech pathologist, radiologic technologist, musician, production worker, occupational therapist, photographer, community service director, farmer/rancher, special education teacher and advertising account manager. Most of these jobs I have considered to be honest, and I am leaning more towards either special education, or taking a completely different route and going into broadcasting or religious studies. Its interesting to see my occupations as well because my parents are both occupational therapists which was number 5 on my list. I have definitely considered this major but am unsure if it is exactly for me. I absolutely love working with little kids, especially under privileged one, giving them hope and getting to play with them. I have gone on countless mission trips with my church and could rave about them!


Canstruction was fun! It took a couple of ideas to get going but once it did it was great. Melody did a really good job of leading us and telling us exactly where everything went and how it looked. Looking up the signs on our phones was a really good idea, we definitely used our resources. We didn’t have as many cans as expected or as hoped but the overall turn out was great and went well. We used what we had and used the area around us like the extra newspaper and the Wells Fargo sign to build the Denton town square. Everyone worked together, making signs, looking things up and then building the buildings. Overall I think canstruction went really well and we definitely should have won!

Learning Style

I scored the highest in kenesthetic learning on the VARK. I like to be hands on and be able to do it myself, or I will zone out while others are showing me and be really lost. If I don’t do something by myself, then I will never learn it, I think the best way for my to learn is to work something out or do the objective at hand and be able to ask questions along the way.

On the Multiple Choice Intelligence test, I scored highest on the musical section. I like to listen to music when I work out when im getting ready for the day and when im just hanging out. When I’m studying music can sometimes distract me, but music without words helps me calm down and focus. Making tunes or songs out of the things I am studying also helps me remember things especially when its memorization. I also scored high on the spatial-visual section. In math especially, sometimes its easier for me to go home and teach myself what to do, looking at what she has done in our notes, instead of just listening to how she did it. I have to figure out for myself how she did it and then do it repeditively to understand it.

Over all I think if I do things with the help of people guiding me through, I will succeed. Music when I study without words, will help me focus and keep me calm. Lastly if I try things on my own instead of always with the teacher, using her examples I will be capitalizing my strengths and study and learn the best way.

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