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Learning Series 101 Test Taking Stratagies

I went to the Test taking tips session at the learning center and learned a lot. It was very helpful, to hear all the different ways you can succeed in studying for a test. She went over the different ways to study for different learning styles. I am a kinesthetic learner and she said that flashcards would be the best use of my time because I am flipping the card which is a motion and will help my muscle memory will help me remember them. She said that it is a good idea to read over your notes every day after class or listen to the lectures if you recorded them so that some of it you will remember through memory and remembering things you read or things you heard. She said that if you get your test back and you don’t understand something you should go to the professor and ask them what went wrong and what they were looking for to help you for the next test. Some of the things she told us we had already been over in class, but were helpful to hear again to stress the importance. Over all the lesson did help a lot and I will definitely be using her tips to study, making flash cards and reviewing my notes everyday. I really would like to try other sessions as well, to find out the best way to take notes so that when I am studying I have good notes to look back on.


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