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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Spirituality and religion

It is crazy to think that everyone everywhere has spirituality because spirituality means that you have inner feelings and thoughts, that help you decide what to do and what is wrong and right. Religion not everyone has, because religion is something you believe in. Religion is the way you think everything was created and why things are the way they are. I am both spiritual and religious and in a sense they drive each other for me. My religion helps drive my spirituality. The creation of things and the way things are the way they are, is my belief which helps me decide what is right and wrong, and develop my inner feelings. Many people associate spirituality and religion with Christians and God which is not accurate. Yes for me and for some our spirituality and religion means Christians and God, but it also means all religions, including Judaism, Buddhism, Muslim and all other beliefs. Religion and spirituality have their own definition which does not classify them as being under one religion. People can also be spiritual and not religious in the sense that they have inner feelings but don’t have a belief as to why things are the way they are.



I associate myslef with Christains. Christains value morals, and living our lives for Christ. Christains strive to live a better life. Marraige is very sacred. We also value our purity and make that something sacred. We are often called bible thumpers, jesus freaks, goody two shoes, and hippocrites. Christians are not perfect, and we don’t claim to be, but we do have a God who is perfect. There are also people who shove Christianity down non believers throats and put out a bad image towards Christians. Our mission is to spread Gods word and to share his light, but not in the way that some people do and think we all do. We do believe in the bible but we are not going to go around quoting the bible every time we talk. There are a lot of people who tell people they are Christians but aren’t really Christians and don’t live out their life for him. I am not saying I am perfect by any means but I do strive to be a better person, living for Christ.

Did you know? video

I thought the did you know video was very interesting and thought prevoking. There were some very interesting facts that people fail to realize and stop to understand. Some of the things said in that video scare me, for my children and my childrens children. I can only imagine what the world will look like when my grandchildren are my age and it scares me to death. Technology is taking over our lives, we are losing the ablility to do things on our own, to function on our own and to interact on our own because technology is doing it for us. How are my children going to raise their children? and will they be able to communicate face to face? These are questions that this video has made me think about and worry about. It has made me stop and look at my life and say where do I use technology and what technology is preventing me from interacting with people and causing me to be lazy. I feel that technology in a certain sense is helping the world, it has helped the handicaped be able to do more, it has helped find a cure for cancer and has helped make certain things possible, but I also think that some of the technology has handicapped the able. I feel like we are relying to much on technology today, the fact that their are more texts sent then there are people on this earth is shocking and is rediculous. We need to rekindle our in person relationships rather than build more technology to be lazy. Technology needs to focus more on the things that can help the human race and help us succeed rather than make things easier.

Sustance abuse

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