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I associate myslef with Christains. Christains value morals, and living our lives for Christ. Christains strive to live a better life. Marraige is very sacred. We also value our purity and make that something sacred. We are often called bible thumpers, jesus freaks, goody two shoes, and hippocrites. Christians are not perfect, and we don’t claim to be, but we do have a God who is perfect. There are also people who shove Christianity down non believers throats and put out a bad image towards Christians. Our mission is to spread Gods word and to share his light, but not in the way that some people do and think we all do. We do believe in the bible but we are not going to go around quoting the bible every time we talk. There are a lot of people who tell people they are Christians but aren’t really Christians and don’t live out their life for him. I am not saying I am perfect by any means but I do strive to be a better person, living for Christ.


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