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Spirituality and religion

It is crazy to think that everyone everywhere has spirituality because spirituality means that you have inner feelings and thoughts, that help you decide what to do and what is wrong and right. Religion not everyone has, because religion is something you believe in. Religion is the way you think everything was created and why things are the way they are. I am both spiritual and religious and in a sense they drive each other for me. My religion helps drive my spirituality. The creation of things and the way things are the way they are, is my belief which helps me decide what is right and wrong, and develop my inner feelings. Many people associate spirituality and religion with Christians and God which is not accurate. Yes for me and for some our spirituality and religion means Christians and God, but it also means all religions, including Judaism, Buddhism, Muslim and all other beliefs. Religion and spirituality have their own definition which does not classify them as being under one religion. People can also be spiritual and not religious in the sense that they have inner feelings but don’t have a belief as to why things are the way they are.


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